5Ghoul is family of implementation-level 5G DoS vulnerabilities affecting Qualcomm and MediaTek mobile platforms. Year of discovery: 2023
CVE-2023-33042 CVE-2023-33043 CVE-2023-33044 CVE-2023-32842 CVE-2023-32844 CVE-2023-20702 CVE-2023-32846 CVE-2023-32841 CVE-2023-32843 CVE-2023-32845
Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) Attacks against commodity hardware from multiple Bluetooth vendors. Year of discovery: 2021
CVE-2021-28139 CVE-2021-34144 CVE-2021-28136 CVE-2021-28135 CVE-2021-28155 CVE-2021-31717 CVE-2021-31609 CVE-2021-31612 CVE-2021-34150 CVE-2021-31613 CVE-2021-31611 CVE-2021-31785 CVE-2021-31786 CVE-2021-31610 CVE-2021-34149 CVE-2021-34146 CVE-2021-34143 CVE-2021-34145 CVE-2021-34148 CVE-2021-34147
17 vulnerabilities were found on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) software development kits of major system-on-a-chip vendors, exposing insecurities on many BLE "Smart Things" already in the market. Year of discovery: 2019-2020 CVE-2019-16336 CVE-2019-17060 CVE-2019-17061 CVE-2019-17517 CVE-2019-17518 CVE-2019-17519 CVE-2019-17520 CVE-2019-19192 CVE-2019-19193 CVE-2019-19194 CVE-2019-19195 CVE-2019-19196 CVE-2020-10061 CVE-2020-10069 CVE-2020-13593 CVE-2020-13594 CVE-2020-13595
ESP32/ESP8266 Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi attacks against the popular Espressif ESP32/ESP8266 IoT devices. Year of discovery: 2019
CVE-2019-12586 CVE-2019-12587 CVE-2019-12588