IoT Wireless Security

In this project, we investigate systematic and automated testing of (IIoT) Wireless Protocols. Our initial work on over-the-air fuzzing has uncovered critical security vulnerabilities in popular wireless devices (currently undisclosed for confidentiality). Three CVEs has been assigned so far for the discovered vulnerabilities: CVE-2019-12586, CVE-2019-12587 and CVE-2019-12588 . We have also been assigned a bug bounty of 2.2K USD for finding a vulnerability that allow hijacking IoT devices to connect to enterprise network. Finally, our work has been succesfully deployed and tested on a real car (Toyota Altis 2016 version) to discover security vulnerabilities. We are massively expanding our work to provide a holistic and systematic framework for arbitrary wireless IoT device validation and testing. Our current work will soon be available in public as a technical report and tool. This work is also related to cyber-physical systems that support wireless access. Previously, we worked on memory-safety for cyber-physical systems that can be found in the following publications: ESSoS2018, Arxiv2018-CIMA.

Acknowledgement: We are grateful to Keysight Technologies for generously supporting this project.


Xingbin Jiang
Research Assistant (ME, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Tok Yee Ching
PhD Student (SUTD)
Matheus Eduardo
PhD student (SUTD and SINGA Scholar)