Currently, this list contains only the service of the faculty lead (Sudipta).
NOTE: I am open to review papers for conferences and journals that incorporate topics in (embedded) systems, real-time/cyber-physical systems, software engineering and software security. I review all papers myself, i.e., I read all the papers I get for review and I write reviews myself. Of course, time to time, I seek opinions about a paper from another ASSET group member when I feel that the person is more expert than myself for the topic targeted in the paper.
There is one catch. In recent times, I have received invitations from several (well known) journals that request me to complete review within seven (7) days (No!!! these are not journal revisions and these are not short papers). I decline all invitations that request me to submit reviews in less than two weeks (YES!!!, I do suggest alternate reviewers). Exceptions exist, such as letters (which are short) and journal revisions (especially, minor revisions).

2017 - Present

Review board of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE)

2022 - Present

ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM): Board of Distinguished Reviewers


Topic Chair: Topic E1 (Embedded Software Architecture, Compilers and Tool Chains) of DATE 2023.
Workshop Chair: Security in Machine Learning and its Applications (SiMLA) 2022.
Technical Program Committee (TPC): ICSE 2023, ESEC/FSE 2022, ASE 2022, CGO 2023, EMSOFT 2022, RTSS 2022, MEMOCODE 2022, SETTA 2022, RTCSA 2022.
Publication Chair: ESEC/FSE 2022.


Topic Co-chair: Topic E1 (Embedded Software Architecture, Compilers and Tool Chains) of DATE 2022.
Workshop Chair: Security in Machine Learning and its Applications (SiMLA) 2021.
Technical Program Committee (TPC): EMSOFT 2021, RTSS 2021, ACNS 2021 (Round 2), ACNS 2022, RTCSA 2021, MEMOCODE 2021, SETTA 2021, ASE (Tool Demonstration) 2021.


Publication Chair: RTCSA 2020
Technical Program Committee (TPC): ACNS 2021, CGO 2021, ACISP 2020, DATE 2021, RTAS 2021, ISEC 2021, RTCSA 2020, MEMOCODE 2020, ASP-DAC 2021, ASAP 2020, SETTA 2020, APSEC 2020, ISSTA-Doctoral-Symposium 2020.


Technical Program Committee (TPC): RTSS 2019, RTAS 2020, DATE 2020, RTCSA 2019, SETTA 2019, ACNS 2020, MEMOCODE 2019, ISEC 2020, ASP-DAC 2020, ASP-DAC-SRF 2020.


Technical Program Committee (TPC): CPSS 2018, RTSS 2018, RTAS 2019, ASP-DAC 2019, ASP-DAC-SRF 2019, ISEC 2019, DISSECT 2019, WFCS 2019.


Technical Program Committee (TPC): DATE 2018, RTSS 2017, EMSOFT 2017, MEMOCODE 2017.


Regular reviewers of IEEE TDSC, IEEE TCAD, IEEE TC, Elsevier JSA, IEEE Design and Test, IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, ACM TECS etc.